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phpDynform (phpDynamicForm) is a Package which offers a easier way to create forms and its validation. With a dozen configuration parameters it´s possible to create forms with server side validation in a couple of minutes with this package.
What I try hier is just to propose a simple solution for the form creation problem, separating totaly code and page design. The validation is simple, but it is possible to enhance these feature without big problems (this wouldn´t be my work :->).
Well, I hope this class can help you.


This form hier was generated with the code below. It´s really easy!



First of all there is a class named dynForm. This class has an array with the form fields and some others own properties like name, action, and so on.

The form fields (input, textarea, select lists, submit button, etc) have all coincident properties, like name, value, caption, etc, so I´ve decided to create an upper-class formField to generalizate the form fields specializations. So it is not necessary, that the dynForm class knows all the types of form fields classes, just formField.


A first release you can find hier :

Online Documentation generated with phpDomcumentor: phpDynform Doc